6 Strip Quilt Ideas That Think Outside the Block

By Mary M. Hogan in Classic to Contemporary String Quilts

After completing work on my first book, String Quilt Style, I asked myself, “What else can I do with strings?” Instead of lacing a solid piece of fabric in a position for a classic quilt block, I covered that block section with strings. I absolutely loved how it looked. The strings added so much interest, and there was so much more to look at in each block section. Taking a traditional block and interpreting it with strings, transformed it, giving it a fresh, contemporary look. I relaxed my rules of perfection. Strings are allowed to be crooked, they can include the selvage, or a contrasting skinny strip. Below are 5 scrappy string quilt ideas from my new book, Classic to Contemporary String Quilts.

Diagonal Square Block

Add the strings to the left and right of the center string until the paper is completely covered. Open and press each string before adding a new one.

Combining Half and Quarter-Square Triangles

Align a background quarter-square triangle. Place a string on the triangle, right sides together, matching up the right, raw edge. Continue adding strings until the foundation is covered. For the full directions, check out Classic to Contemporary String Quilts.

Combining Two Directional Quarter-Square Triangles

Align the edges of the first string, right side up. Pin a second string, right side down. Continue adding strings to cover one quarter. Continue adding strings to cover another quarter with the same fabric. Make a second, contrasting half-square
triangle. Sew the two contrasting half-square triangles together. For the measurement information, see page 22 of Classic to Contemporary String Quilts.

Star Points

Place the first string right side down. Place a second-string right side down on the first string, aligning the right raw edges. Open the string and press. Continue adding and pressing the strings. Fold the background fabric open as you add
strings to make sure the entire background area is covered. Add strings to cover the adjacent corner. Fold the strings back and trim the background fabric.

Disappearing Strings

Sew the first two strings to the foundation. Place a fabric scrap or crooked string on one of the sewn strings. Sew the string in place and press open. Continue adding strings until the foundation is covered. For the full tutorial, check out Classic to Contemporary String Quilts.

One Corner Covered Block

Select the correct size background block and mark the center-right and bottom center of the square. Open the string and press. Fold the background out of the way to keep from sewing through it as strings are added. Continue adding and pressing strings to cover the corner of the block. From the back, trim the block, using the sides as the cutting guide. Trim the fabric
from under the strings.