Morse Code Quilts: The Ultimate Keepsake Quilting Gift

Add a Hidden Message to your Keepsake Quilts

Projects from Morse Code Quilts by Sarah J. Maxwell

Memory quilts tell wonderful stories through the use of fabric. It’s time to get all of those cherished memories and old clothing out of the closet to make a meaningful, keepsake quilt. Whether you are sewing a baby gift or anniversary quilt, you can tell your loved one how much you love them with a secret morse code message.

Morse code is a series of dots and dashes that represent each letter of the alphabet and each number. When converting Morse code to a “quilt code,” the dots, dashes, spaces between units within a letter, and space between words, all contribute to the size of a word or phrase. Below are six keepsake quilt ideas that incorporate morse code from Sarah J. Maxwell’s Morse Code Quilts that your loved ones will cherish for years to come.

You can even add a special touch to each quilt with baby blankets, clothes of a loved one, lace from a wedding dress, and even photos!

“The World Awaits” Graduation Quilt

Add the strings to the left and right of the center string until the paper is completely covered. Open and press each string before adding a new one. Graduation is always a time of celebration and new beginnings. This quilt says “The world awaits, MHS, Class of 18” and was a gift to my graduating niece. – Sarah J. Maxwell

Message in the Dark Quilt

This is the quilt that started my Morse Code journey. As my youngest daughter was preparing to leave for college, hundreds of miles from home, I hoped she would take one of my quilts along to decorate her room. But nothing I had made in the past fit in with her bold, graphical style or bright, saturated color palette. Determined to send along some reminder of home, I designed “Message in the Dark.” The bold solids match her decor, and I’m happy knowing she is protected by my ever-present
thought: “To the moon and back, Love, Mom.”

Love You More Quilt

“Love you more”…a heartfelt sentiment often said in reply to “I love you.” This simple message is easily the focus of this throw-sized quilt. Pick the receiver’s favorite color for the background and pick a contrasting solid or tonal print for the letters for maximum impact.


Let the Adventure Begin

When my daughter announced her engagement, I knew I wanted to make her a quilt to celebrate her wedding day. The quilt says “And so the adventure begins, Megan and Tyler, October 14, 2017”.

Love is Love Quilt

A message can be communicated with the Morse code letters and with color. This quilt is a special message for my sister, Kathy. Using a rainbow of colors and the simple words, “Love is love,” I’m sending her a message of encouragement
and affirmation.

Across the Myles

Using Morse code to spell out a special someone’s name is a quick and easy way to create a special gift. My niece, Myles,
loves yellow and pink, so I settled on this combination to make a quilt she can use at nap time.