Celebrate National Quilt Day

Happy National Quilting Day, friends! Fire up that sewing machine, grab your fabric scraps, and break out the margaritas. It’s time to celebrate with a free mango margarita jelly roll quilt pattern!

Free Mango Margarita Quilt Pattern

This free quilt pattern will brighten your home with hand-dyed and batik fabric. Whether you have strips of fabric on hand or a batch of jelly rolls, the Mango Margarita pattern will help you use up your scrap stash. Use Bali pop or 2 1/2″ strips for a throw size of 60″ x 76″.  Easy strip sewing makes this strip quilt pattern perfect for the beginner quilter or those looking for easy quilts to make in a day. Simply enter your email below to unlock your free quilt pattern download.